Cross border wobbing


Belgium: #dataharvest13

15/04/2013 -

The Data Harvest Conference, one of the most relevant networking events for journalists who want to cover Europe, is up to its third edition this year.


Geeks and campaigners comming closer

ENIAC  Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer
16/09/2012 -

Small signs are signaling the emergence of more cooperation between two transparency communities – one focused on open data, the other on access to information – whose relations


A collection of #dataharvest presentations

16/05/2012 -

Did you miss the Data Harvest Conference 2012? Watch the presentations and find other interesting documents here.






DHC interview with Shyamlal Yadav

See video
15/05/2012 -

Indian Express WOB specialist Shyamlal Yadav uses the RTI (Right to Information) Act on a daily basis. He explains how and why in this interview taken at the Data Harvest Conference 2012.


Data Harvest interviews

15/05/2012 -

With about 100 participants and more than 30 speakers, the Data Harvest Conference 2012 was a success. We took some of the speakers apart and asked them for an interview.