Cross border wobbing


European Union: EU: Nordic trio put farm-data in the open - in spite of court decision

CAP-reform to come, lots of money at stake
26/02/2011 -

Denmark will tell who gets what farmsubsidies from the EU – to all those who ask. Finland and Sweden have taken the same approach.


European Union: Court ruling does not stop disclosure on farm subsidies

European Court of Justice
13/12/2010 -

Swedish authorities will continue to release data on EU farm subsidies in spite of the ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to ban such disclosure on the Internet.


European Union: EU: Secret documents on side-effects wobbed out – online now

20/11/2010 -

An international team from Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark started to wob out previously secret documents on side effects last year.


European Union: EU: Patients get information at last – following EU-Ombudsman decision

11/08/2010 -

Side-effects of medicines? So far a secret on European level, but now soon to be public thanks to a successful wob-request.