Cross border wobbing


Denmark: Denmark: Secret documents on side-effects wobbed out – online now

23/10/2008 -

An international team from Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark started to wob out previously secret documents on side effects last year.


European Union: EU: Swedish Journalist's Association considers draft EU-law 'disgraceful'

10/05/2008 -

The Swedish Journalist's association SJF raises an alarm: "This is a disgracul attack against  transparency in the EU," it says in a recent press release commenting on the re


European Union: EU: Ombudsman looks at databases

25/03/2008 -

The European Ombudsman, Nikiforos Diamandouros, has started an investigation into wobbing databases all ov


Germany: Henri-Nannen jury recognises wob-story

22/03/2008 -

When one of the most prestigious German journalism-awards published this years nominees among investigative stories, a wob-story was mentioned among the