Cross border wobbing


Germany: Breakthrough in access to farmsubsidy-data

26/11/2007 -

A breakthrough in access to data was achieved in Germanny in late August, when the province of Nordrhein-Westfalen agreed upon opening up the figures of companies and non-private recipients of EU-f


European Union: EU: Commission questions Swedish transparency on GMO

10/10/2007 -

Does the public have a right to know about genetically modified feedstuff? Yes, ruled the Swedish authorities on highest level, after lower instances had rejected the wob-application.


European Union: EU:Kick-off Wobbing gets publicity

04/10/2007 -

Thanks to all who came to the pressconference this morning for the kick-off of Wobbing Europe.Kick- off in the news:


European Union: EU: Live FOI-application for European data held by the US

16/09/2007 -

Following the yearlong quarrels between EU, the US and not least data-protectors and civil liberties activists about flight-passenger data, a Danish newspaper-blog now runs a life application fo