Where to apply?

17/03/2011 -

Where to apply?

Before you apply it is important to consider, which authority is most likely to give you access to the documents, you need for this particular story.


Germany: German court: Farmsubsidies have to be in the open
08/03/2011 -

Information about farmsubsidies have to be made public also in Germany, a German court decided this week.


European Union: EU: Nordic trio put farm-data in the open - in spite of court decision

CAP-reform to come, lots of money at stake
26/02/2011 -

Denmark will tell who gets what farmsubsidies from the EU – to all those who ask. Finland and Sweden have taken the same approach.


Netherlands: Een wobverzoek schrijven

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27/09/2010 -

'Een wobverzoek schrijven' by Sebastiaan ter Brug.


Britain: Freedom of Information - Masterclass

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12/03/2010 -

 Investigative journalist and FOI expert Matthew Davis explains how the Freedom of Information Act transformed journalism, giving reporters powerful new weapons in their armory.