Germany: Stylish German MPs trigger WoB-case about business secrets

09/01/2011 -

Members of the German federal Parliament Bundestag in 2009 ordered stylish Mont Blanc pens for €68.000. An obvious story for tabloid daily newspaper Bild.


European Union: Lobbyists can not expect secrecy

15/10/2009 -

The ‘presumption of confidentiality’ between EU institutions and their contacts can not be used as an argument anymore to reject access to document requests, if the Europe


European Union: EU: More then 800.000 euros of easy money revealed by wob-request

20/10/2008 -

About 60 Members of the EU-Parliament have signed up for daily allowances of almost 300 euro for a day of meetings, when no meetings are held. This was revealed by a recent wob-request.



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