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Slovenia: Slovenian arms trade cover-up unveiled

20/04/2012 -

The final volume of the trilogy In the Name of the State was published on 19 April 2012.


Sweden: World's oldest access law will remain

Riksdagen, the Swedish parliament
11/04/2012 -

Swedish parliamentarians have unanimously agreed not to propose a recast of the Swedish Freedom of the Press Act, the first law in the world to grant citizens access to public information.<


Spain: Portal for the people

23/03/2012 -

People in Spain are now able to make and track requests for information from public bodies via the new web portal TuDerechoaSaber.es (“Your right to know”).


Denmark: Cross border access gets prestigious award

Minister toppled by Danish daily
05/01/2012 -

Wobbing, or request for access, in a neighbouring country helped award winning Danish journalist topple minister.


Slovenia: Death threats against journalists behind FOI based research

02/12/2011 -

Slovenian Journalists Blaz Zgaga and Matej Surc received death threats after having reported about 



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