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Germany: Associations unite to fight for easier wob

07/01/2011 -

Three German organisations have written a new German wob - they call it the Citizen Information Law. The aim is to make wobbing easier.


Netherlands: Netherlands: Who are the worst?

29/09/2010 -

The Dutch ministry of Economy yesterday received an award for being the most obstructive authority in the Netherlands when it comes to transparency.


Hungary: Hungary: How to wob by the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union

01/01/2009 -

The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union is amongst other things active in the field of wobbing and media.


Britain: UK: FOIA generates 1,000 stories in two years

06/10/2008 -

The Freedom of Information Act has led to the media publishing more than 1,000 stories based on disclosures by public authorities in just two years, according to a new report.


Spain: Spain: Coalition acting to improve access

25/01/2008 -

 A new coalition to improve wobbing in Spain held a meeting on Tuesday January 22nd 2008.



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