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Belgium: Belgian Finance Ministry lacks control

15/11/2012 -

BRUSSELS - Wobbed audits show that the internal control at the Belgian Ministry of Finance are below par.


Sweden: Secret James Bond-party disclosed by request

Police party
10/09/2012 -

Swedish security service throw a secret James Bond-party for their employees. The costs: 625 000 Euro (5,3 million Swedish kronor). How come we know?


Slovenia: The untold Yugoslavian arms trade scandal UPDATED DOCUMENTS

26/04/2012 -

Journalists Matej Šurc and Blaž Zgaga investigated the illegal trade of arms in Slovenia during the early 1990s and chronicled their findings in the trilogy


Slovenia: Slovenian arms trade cover-up unveiled

20/04/2012 -

The final volume of the trilogy In the Name of the State was published on 19 April 2012.


Spain: Portal for the people

23/03/2012 -

People in Spain are now able to make and track requests for information from public bodies via the new web portal TuDerechoaSaber.es (“Your right to know”).



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