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Sweden: New secrecy clause in the interest of the nation

Riksdagen, the Swedish parliament
21/11/2013 -

The Swedish parliament Riksdagen that in 1766 saw the birth of the first law on freedom of information ever, has adopted a new limitation of access to documents.


Denmark: Citizens sign up against power abuse

Minister of Justice Morten Bødskov
11/05/2013 -

A proposed new Danish law on access to documents has caused close to a political uproar. More than 75 000 citizens have signed a petition against the law.


Ireland: Journalist to open up bank with environmental law

Irish NAMA ruled to be an authority
06/03/2013 -

A ”bad bank” is legally an authority, the Irish High Court has ruled. The bad bank NAMA might now have to open up for the public thanks to an environmental information regu


Denmark: ”Yes-minister-law” to hide political documents from the public

Slotsholmen Copenhagen
08/02/2013 -

Danish parliamentarians get ready to adopt a new access law with politically sensitive documents kept secret by definition.


Spain: Asked for documents got a bill instead

Corruption in Spain
30/11/2012 -

Question: What have Spain done to fight corruption?
Answer: The government doesn't have to tell. Please pay €3000 for bringing the case to court.




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