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European Union: Council obstructs ruling on transparency

Reactions redacted
07/02/2014 -

The Council of the EU has classified its own reaction to a landmark ruling on transparency by the EU-court in Luxembourg. The Court said citizens have a right to know.


Favours to big business to be examined by court

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Agreement (TTIP) in the making
11/07/2013 -

Business interests were given confidential documents on trade talks, whilst the very same documents were refused to a lobbyist watchdog and the public.


European Union: Danish MEPs fight for non-MEP Ombudsman

Nikiforos Diamandouros is the outgoing EU Ombudsmand
19/06/2013 -

Danish journalists’ magazine has an interesting take on the debate


European Union: Step forward for transparency in privacy rules

Privacy regulating the net
07/06/2013 -

Access to documents and freedom for social media might get legal protection in new data privacy rules after all. But lawmakers still have a long way to go.


European Union: What the ECB knew but will not tell

Governing Council of the ECB
22/04/2013 -

The European Central Bank has refused to show what it knew about Greece's mounting debts since 2001.