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Belgium: #dataharvest13

15/04/2013 -

The Data Harvest Conference, one of the most relevant networking events for journalists who want to cover Europe, is up to its third edition this year.


European Union: Battle of data control turned into a copy-paste war

Data protection regulation
09/03/2013 -

Politicians table amendments from industry as their own suggestions. Defenders of new data rules use the same copy-past technique.


European Union: Access shows human rights as part of a power game

Released document from secret negotiations
05/03/2013 -

Now we now know why and how the Charter of Fundamental Rights was squeezed into to the Lisbon Treaty, with a dubious opt out for the UK, Poland and possible Czech republic.


European Union: New data rules will collide with fundamental rights, Commission admits

Commissioner Viviane Reding
26/01/2013 -

Suggested new EU rules for data protection might not only ban blogs, Facebook updates, and tweets. Authorities will have to redact official archives by deleting names in documents.


European Union: News agency picks a fight about ECB-secrets

The Governing Council of the ECB
18/01/2013 -

Documents showing how Greece hid the size of its public debt for years, and a possible dubious role of the European Central Bank might still be disclosed to the public.