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European Union: Lobbyists know how to keep a secret

EU-transparency as seen by Corporate Europe Observatory
17/01/2013 -

The EU Commission has now explained why documents given to business lobbyist were denied to non-governmental organisation Corporate Europe Observatory: The business groups know how to keep


European Union: Business gets papers – NGO does not

EU and India in secretive trade talks
09/01/2013 -

Internal EU-documents about trade with India were handed out to business lobbyist while a lobbyist watchdog was denied access.


Wishes and promises

happy 2013
23/12/2012 - wishes contributors, regular followers and curious bypassers a happy and a transparent 2013. New stories in the pipeline; we'll be back shortly in the new y


European Union: EU: Not in our interest to know, the public is told by EU-judges

Greec crisis
03/12/2012 -

No, we are not allowed to know how Greece concealed its huge debts, nor what the European Central Bank (ECB) knew about it.


European Union: A victory for Greek media, a crucial question to the Commission

Greek magazine Hot Doc
06/11/2012 -

The conflict between the right to information and protection of privacy sharpens. Greek journalist wins important court case on files of alleged tax evaders.