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European Union: Data legislation to outlaw millions of websites

Webpage outlawed by the EU-court
28/10/2012 -

Private persons, authorities, companies and organisations shall not be allowed to mention other person's health, ethnic origin, religion or political opinions on the net, without their &rdq


European Union: Transparency on farm support back on the agenda

commissioner Dacian Cioloş,
25/09/2012 -

Farmers, land owners and other beneficiaries of EU farm subsidies will be brought back to the public scene again.


Geeks and campaigners comming closer

ENIAC  Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer
16/09/2012 -

Small signs are signaling the emergence of more cooperation between two transparency communities – one focused on open data, the other on access to information – whose relations


European Union: Frozen funds to reveal lobbyists

Study on lobbyism
12/09/2012 -

Members of the European Parliament explore a new way to improve transparency. They press the Commission where it hurts – on the budget.


European Union: Study on information rights suggests more EU-legislation (+ competition for the readers)

A study for the European Parliament
06/08/2012 -

Looking for an extensive study on how citizens in the EU are informed by their national media? You can start downloading now.