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European Union: OPINION Time for the Parliament to act

MEP Anneli Jäätteenmäki
03/07/2012 -

The Danish presidency lacked political will. The Commission wouldn't compromise.


European Union: Game over, nobody won

Game over for the danes
21/06/2012 -

No progress, no backlash, no development at all. Nordic neighbours air disappointment as the Danish presidency drops recast of access rules.


European Union: The opera ain't over until...

14/06/2012 -

The attempts to recast the present access rules in EU has failed, but the issue is still on the agenda.


European Union: New proposal rejected as the time runs out for the danes

Danish presidency
10/06/2012 -

Negotiations for new EU access rules might end up with nothing new at all. The latest proposal went directly to the paper bin June 8.


European Union: Guide to the battle of transparency – UPDATED

Balance of power
09/06/2012 -

A fight between governments with different cultural traditions, added a dosage of institutional power game. Or a battle between efficiency and democracy.