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Belgium: Data Harvest Conference: 6-8 May, Brussels

06/04/2012 -

Come to the Data Harvest conference in Brussels from May 6th-8th 2012.


European Union: Supervisor alarmed by threats to access rights

Peter Hustinx
22/03/2012 -

Proposed new EU-rules on data protection threaten public access to documents and the freedom of expression.


European Union: ”Diluted wine and poison” – widened conflict on access rules

15/03/2012 -

Member states meeting in a working group held on to a restrictive approach to transparency on EU-documents at their latest gathering.


European Union: Secretive talks on access rules

Nikolai Wammen
08/02/2012 -

The Danish EU-presidency has taken unusual steps to promote adoption of new access rules: Member countries have been summoned to conflict talks, before there is an open conflict.


European Union: New victory for the Ombudsman - and for reporters

Ombudsman Diamandouros
17/01/2012 -

Reports of possible lethal side effects of a medicine for bacterial infections, have been released by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).