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European Union: Freedom of Information to include political parties

21/05/2014 -

Should freedom of information legislation cover political parties? The question is currently in a stalemate between Indian courts and politicians.


A collection of #dataharvest presentations

16/05/2012 -

Did you miss the Data Harvest Conference 2012? Watch the presentations and find other interesting documents here.






Data Harvest interviews

15/05/2012 -

With about 100 participants and more than 30 speakers, the Data Harvest Conference 2012 was a success. We took some of the speakers apart and asked them for an interview.


Did you miss the Dataharvest Festival? Have a look here

14/05/2012 -

From the 6th till the 8th of May 2012 the European Data Harvest Conference brought together the cream of European data journalism in Brussels.


Council of Europe: Draft Danish law may be in conflict with Convention

11/03/2011 -

Denmark is currently debating a reform of its opennesslaw.