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European Union: Historic initiative by journalists taking the Parliament to court

European Parliament taken to court by reporters
20/11/2015 -

Journalists from all over Europe have asked the EU-court to rule on the hidden records of parliamentarians' allowances.


European Union: Semi-transparency on TTIP as Brussels hide behind Washington

Two continents one market?
28/01/2015 -

Some more light is shed on negotiations for a EU-US trade and investment agreement. Good, but not good enough the EU-Ombudsman says.


European Union: Freedom of Information to include political parties

21/05/2014 -

Should freedom of information legislation cover political parties? The question is currently in a stalemate between Indian courts and politicians.


European Union: Now we are told – eleven years later

German chancellor Schröder with Commission president Prodi
13/05/2014 -

German chancellor Gerhard Schröder asked EU-Commission to help build an airport runway in an environmental protected area outside Hamburg.


European Union: Secrecy rules despite Court judgement

European Ombudsman Emily O'Reilly
26/03/2014 -

EU-ministers have postponed implementing a judgement on transparency and rejects to disclose alternatives discussed – and leaked. Six member states vote against secrecy.