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Hidden danger: No overview over risk factories

10/09/2010 -

After 2½ years of wob-struggle a list over dangerous factories has been made public in Denmark.

Denmark: Wob used to document threat to filmmaker

07/07/2010 -

The director of the documentary Armadillo about the activities of Danish soldiers in Afghanistan has been threatened to silence by Danish military according to Danish newspaper BT.

Denmark: Risc companies kept secret

14/01/2010 -

Risc companies have to be known, argues Danish wob-site Aabenhedstinget and fights to get out the list of companies of high risc.

Denmark: Secret documents on side-effects wobbed out – online now

23/10/2008 -

An international team from Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark started to wob out previously secret documents on side effects last year.


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