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Transparency widens to state-owned companies

23/08/2012 -

Companies owned by the state for 50 percent or more fall under the same transparency regulations as public bodies, a court ruling by the Berlin Administrative Court says.

Germany: Laws on federal and provincial level

31/05/2011 -

Germany has a WoB on federal level as well as in a growing number of its 16 provinces.


German court: Farmsubsidies have to be in the open

08/03/2011 -

Information about farmsubsidies have to be made public also in Germany, a German court decided this week.

Stylish German MPs trigger WoB-case about business secrets

09/01/2011 -

Members of the German federal Parliament Bundestag in 2009 ordered stylish Mont Blanc pens for €68.000. An obvious story for tabloid daily newspaper Bild.

Quarrel about environmental data - quarrel about personal data

07/01/2011 -

The application concerned access to names and amounts of supports of EU-farmsubsidy beneficiaries in the German province of Northrine-Westphalia.


Federal republic with access on various levels and via various laws

07/01/2011 -

Germany is a federal republic with 16 provinces - the so-called Länder. Both provinces and the federal state have parliaments, governments and administrations.

Associations unite to fight for easier wob

07/01/2011 -

Three German organisations have written a new German wob - they call it the Citizen Information Law. The aim is to make wobbing easier.

Unused potential for filing requests

21/04/2008 -

The first overall evaluation in Germany shows, that very few are using the legislation, that came into force in 2006.

Henri-Nannen jury recognises wob-story

22/03/2008 -

When one of the most prestigious German journalism-awards published this years nominees among investigative stories, a wob-story was mentioned among the + Read more

Breakthrough in access to farmsubsidy-data

26/11/2007 -

A breakthrough in access to data was achieved in Germanny in late August, when the province of Nordrhein-Westfalen agreed upon opening up the figures of companies and non-private recipients of EU-f recommends