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UK: Good questions do have an impact

07/06/2010 -

The British government makes big promises for more open governance.

UK: Info commissioner rejects request for Diana letters

18/02/2009 -

The content of private letters between the Government and Diana, Princess of Wales, should be kept secret, the information commissioner ruled today.

UK: Want to see yourself on CCTV?

11/12/2008 -

You probably know that CCTV cameras everywhere on the streets, buses, stations, in shops and banks and so on, are watching you.

UK: MPs given a month to object before expenses disclosed

12/10/2008 -

MPs will be given a month to lodge objections before full details of their controversial expenses claims are posted online for the public to examine.

UK: FOIA generates 1,000 stories in two years

06/10/2008 -

The Freedom of Information Act has led to the media publishing more than 1,000 stories based on disclosures by public authorities in just two years, according to a new report.

UK: MPs expenses transparent after court ruling

28/05/2008 -

Heather Brooke, and editor of wob-blog Your Right To Know won a huge wob-victory, when she got out the information about how much taxpayer's money members of the British P

UK: Information Commissioner gets tough

09/04/2008 -

The British Information Commissioner, who is overviewing the appropriate use of the British wob, is getting tough on those authorities, who do not grant access properly, according to the Op

UK: Many out there to help you

01/01/2008 -

There are detailed guidelines by the Information Commissioner out there and lots of good pieces of advice from experienced journalists.

UK: British government in close contact with large tele-companies

28/10/2007 -

The European Union tried to support consumers by capping the maximum roaming costs for using mobile phones. However the British government had a close contact with large tele-companies.

UK: Government’s FOI charging plans scrapped

26/10/2007 -

The British government has announced that it will not push through its proposed changes to the FOI charging regulations.

UK: Interactive WOBsite in the making

16/09/2007 -

Creative British internet developpers at MySociety.Org are working on an interactive WOBsite for Britain, tells Heather Brooke,membe

UK: The Laws

01/01/2007 -

Five years after adoption England and Wales got a Wob-law recommends