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Netherlands: Case dropped on investigative reporter

09/09/2011 -

Journalist Brenno de Winter who demonstrated major weaknesses in a Dutch transport payment system on TV is acquitted for allegations of fraud.

Police investigates Dutch journalist for showing weakness in payment system

26/08/2011 -

A Dutch journalist, Brenno de Winter, showed on TV how easy it is to cheat a new electronic payment system for public transport.

Netherlands: Misuse by journalists might lead to law changes

11/05/2011 -

Dutch Minister of Home Affairs Piet Hein Donner has announced law changes in order of prevent ”misuse” of freedom of information.

Netherlands: Who are the worst?

29/09/2010 -

The Dutch ministry of Economy yesterday received an award for being the most obstructive authority in the Netherlands when it comes to transparency.

Netherlands: Dutch journalist launches

12/02/2009 -

From now on Dutch journalists can find more information about the act on Freedom of Information on


Netherlands: Secret documents on side-effects wobbed out – online now

23/10/2008 -

An international team from Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark started to wob out previously secret documents on side effects last year.

Netherlands: How to get in contact

01/01/2008 -

Non-dutch users can find help at official websites and from an association for investigative journalism. recommends