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Historic initiative by journalists taking the Parliament to court

20/11/2015 -

Journalists from all over Europe have asked the EU-court to rule on the hidden records of parliamentarians' allowances.

Semi-transparency on TTIP as Brussels hide behind Washington

28/01/2015 -

Some more light is shed on negotiations for a EU-US trade and investment agreement. Good, but not good enough the EU-Ombudsman says.

Freedom of Information to include political parties

21/05/2014 -

Should freedom of information legislation cover political parties? The question is currently in a stalemate between Indian courts and politicians.

Now we are told – eleven years later

13/05/2014 -

German chancellor Gerhard Schröder asked EU-Commission to help build an airport runway in an environmental protected area outside Hamburg.

Secrecy rules despite Court judgement

26/03/2014 -

EU-ministers have postponed implementing a judgement on transparency and rejects to disclose alternatives discussed – and leaked. Six member states vote against secrecy.

Council obstructs ruling on transparency

07/02/2014 -

The Council of the EU has classified its own reaction to a landmark ruling on transparency by the EU-court in Luxembourg. The Court said citizens have a right to know.

Danish MEPs fight for non-MEP Ombudsman

19/06/2013 -

Danish journalists’ magazine has an interesting take on the debate

Step forward for transparency in privacy rules

07/06/2013 -

Access to documents and freedom for social media might get legal protection in new data privacy rules after all. But lawmakers still have a long way to go.

What the ECB knew but will not tell

22/04/2013 -

The European Central Bank has refused to show what it knew about Greece's mounting debts since 2001.

Battle of data control turned into a copy-paste war

09/03/2013 -

Politicians table amendments from industry as their own suggestions. Defenders of new data rules use the same copy-past technique.

Access shows human rights as part of a power game

05/03/2013 -

Now we now know why and how the Charter of Fundamental Rights was squeezed into to the Lisbon Treaty, with a dubious opt out for the UK, Poland and possible Czech republic.

New data rules will collide with fundamental rights, Commission admits

26/01/2013 -

Suggested new EU rules for data protection might not only ban blogs, Facebook updates, and tweets. Authorities will have to redact official archives by deleting names in documents.

News agency picks a fight about ECB-secrets

18/01/2013 -

Documents showing how Greece hid the size of its public debt for years, and a possible dubious role of the European Central Bank might still be disclosed to the public.

Lobbyists know how to keep a secret

17/01/2013 -

The EU Commission has now explained why documents given to business lobbyist were denied to non-governmental organisation Corporate Europe Observatory: The business groups know how to keep

Business gets papers – NGO does not

09/01/2013 -

Internal EU-documents about trade with India were handed out to business lobbyist while a lobbyist watchdog was denied access.

EU: Not in our interest to know, the public is told by EU-judges

03/12/2012 -

No, we are not allowed to know how Greece concealed its huge debts, nor what the European Central Bank (ECB) knew about it.

A victory for Greek media, a crucial question to the Commission

06/11/2012 -

The conflict between the right to information and protection of privacy sharpens. Greek journalist wins important court case on files of alleged tax evaders.

Data legislation to outlaw millions of websites

28/10/2012 -

Private persons, authorities, companies and organisations shall not be allowed to mention other person's health, ethnic origin, religion or political opinions on the net, without their &rdq

Transparency on farm support back on the agenda

25/09/2012 -

Farmers, land owners and other beneficiaries of EU farm subsidies will be brought back to the public scene again.

Frozen funds to reveal lobbyists

12/09/2012 -

Members of the European Parliament explore a new way to improve transparency. They press the Commission where it hurts – on the budget. recommends