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Belgian Finance Ministry lacks control

BRUSSELS - Wobbed audits show that the internal control at the Belgian Ministry of Finance are below par. Various inconsistencies brought up by the audits, were ignored or covered up.

Flemish public broadcaster VRT had wobbed reports of the Ministry of Finance's internal audit service that showed various inconsistencies.

In 2006, 36,871 two Euro coins disappeared in Belgium's Royal Mint. Employees reported having witnessed colleagues pushing a camouflaged trolly from the elevators to the garage. Another audit report stated that one of the Ministry's tax inspectors had evaded taxes himself. He unlawfully got a tax refund for costs he made when fitting his house with extra guest rooms. His tax declaration was handled by... himself.

The Ministry of Finance's internal audit service is made up of two people, for a government department where more than 22,000 work and where billions of dollars flow through.


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