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Bulgaria: Daily paper publishes files about royal family

Bulgarian journalist gets access to the files about the Bulgarian royal family in the pre-1989 archives of the secret service.

The King’s Secret Files is a five-month documentary by 24 Hours Daily journalist Alexenia Dimitrova in the pre-89 Bulgarian intelligence archives. All documents and more than 150 facsimiles of them - 384 pages - are being published for first time.

They feature materials about Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, the previously exiled tsar of Bulgaria, who served as prime minister from 2001. The documents were written and collected by 50 agents of the Communist State Security between 1946 and 1993, Dimitrova tells Wobbing.eu.

The documents tell the story of young Simeon's amorous exploits, about the plotting of several attacks and extort against him in 1950 and 1990, about his probes whether he or one of his children could visit Bulgaria during the communism era, about his readiness to become prime minister, shared even in the 1960s, and his meetings with the Pope, according to Dimitrova.

Dimitrova has published her findings in Bulgarian daily newspaper 24 Casa and in a recent book. Use for example www.translate.google.com and read about Simeonslifestyle, Simeons son or about blackmail against Simeon.


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