A collection of #dataharvest presentations


A collection of #dataharvest presentations

Did you miss the Data Harvest Conference 2012? Watch the presentations and find other interesting documents here.







- Albrecht UdeData Security and Communications Security - How to protect your Data, your Computer and your Communications against Attacks and Surveillance?

- Albrecht UdeSurfing anonymously and unfiltered - How to bypass web-filters, censorship and surveillance?

- Shyamlal Yadav - Data Flood in India - Right to Information as a Tool of Investigative Reporting

- Anders Pedersen - Investigating sponsored doctors with spreadsheets

- Mar Cabra - How to crack open information from Spain

- Tommy Kaas - Google Fusion tip sheet

- Ides Debruyne - A collection of possible sources to finance journalism (Delicious)

- Nils Mulvad - Lessons from the Data Harvest Conference, a short summary of some sessions

- Paul Myers - Tips, tricks and tools on Internet research are on his website Research Clinic

- Duncan Campbell - Computer Tools for Investigative Journalism

- Christian Meier, Aitziber Romero, Dino Trescher - The Research Agenda of the European Union

- Peter Andersen - Watching the Watchers


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