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Czech Republic


Czech Republic: The laws

Charter of the Fundamental Righs and Basic Freedoms
Article 17
(1) The freedom of expression and the right to information are guaranteed.
(4) The freedom of expression and the right to seek and disseminate information may
be limited by law in the case of measures that are necessary in a democratic
society for protecting the rights and freedoms of others, the security of the
state, public security, public health, or morals.
(5) State bodies and territorial self-governing bodies are obliged, in an appropriate
manner, to provide information with respect to their activities. Conditions
therefor and the implementation thereof shall be provided for by law.

In 1998 the Czech republic introduced it's first law on access to environmental information, the Act No. 123/1998, on the Right to Information About the Environment.


A wob was introduced by the ACT 106/1999 of 11 May 1999 on Free Access to Information.






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