Data Harvest interviews


Data Harvest interviews

With about 100 participants and more than 30 speakers, the Data Harvest Conference 2012 was a success. We took some of the speakers apart and asked them for an interview.







Brenno de Winter (NL) is a Dutch authority on wobbing. He writes about all things WOB on his blog, In 2011 he was awarded Dutch Journalist of the Year.


Shyamlal Yadav (IN) wobs on a daily basis for his newspaper Indian Express. He explains how and why he uses the RTI (Right to Information) Act, as the FOI Act is called in India.


Martin Rosenbaum (UK) is the BBC's FOI specialist. He has is own blog on the BBC website:


Paul Myers (UK) works as an information researcher at the BBC, specializing in finding people through the internet. He shares his wisdom on his website Research Clinic.


Jack Thurston (UK) is a transparency expert. He founded EU Transparency and co-founded

Rafael Njotea



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