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Denmark: Risc companies kept secret

Risc companies have to be known, argues Danish wob-site Aabenhedstinget and fights to get out the list of companies of high risc. One of the arguments against disclosure was that such companies could be targets of terrorism.

On November 3rd 2004 an explosion hit Danish town of Seest near Kolding. The explosion happened in the nearby fireworks company, at the time one of the largest of its kind in Denmark. Almost 200 houses were uninhabitable, more than 2000 were damaged. One firefighter lost his life, 17 of the locals were injured, and the material costs were huge.

A list of dangerous companies has to be held by the authorities in order to have evacuation plans and other precautions.  However when journalist Nils Mulvad on behalf of the Danish wob-site Aabenhedstinget asked for the information, he learnt that the Danish secret service came along and prevented disclosure: State secrets was the excuse.

But people have a right to know the riscs, argues Nils Mulvad and Aabenhedstinget, and Danish TV consumer magazine Kontant agrees

After the tv-broadcast two local communities have decided to disclose the information. Aabenhedstinget will continue the work to fight free the information. 


 Brigitte Alfter



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