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Hungary: How to wob by the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union

The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union is amongst other things active in the field of wobbing and media. It provides a handbook on how to wob in Hungary (pdf, 362 KB), and it advises journalists and supports them in wob-cases.

Hungary has a data-protection and freedom-of-information Commissioner. The website is in Hungarian, however some of it is accessible in English, among that the legislation and some cases.


Some other sources on freedom of i information i Hungary:

General introduction and explanation on how to apply the law by László Majtényi in Freedom of Information in Hungary, provided on the website of UNPAN, the United Nations Online Network in Public Administration and Finance.



Chapter on freedom of information in Corruption and Anti-corruption Policy in Hungary by László Majtényi on behalf of Open Society Institute, provided by UNPAN, page 282.



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