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Netherlands: Secret documents on side-effects wobbed out – online now

An international team from Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark started to wob out previously secret documents on side effects last year. After intense additional research they have finalised their series of articles.

The previously secret reports are now published on the internet to provide this important information to the public.

Are you taking medication or do you have to give medicin to your child? And would like to know the latest update on suspected side-effects? Then you need to see the periodic safety update, that are required by law for alle medicines. 
They are now accessible thanks to a wob-request. 

After a breakthrough for freedom of information in Denmark last year, a Danish-Dutch-Belgian team of journalists in the Irene-Reporters network published a series of articles on the upcoming EU pharma package. 

A part of the research concerned the safety reports with the latest information on side-effects of prescription drugs, these reports were wobbed out in Denmark and the Netherlands. 
Two media, Dutch daily Trouw and Belgian newsmagazine Knack choose to give the public direct access to the documents.

The European Commission is expected to put forward it’s planned bill on pharmaceuticals in the coming weeks, according to EUobserver.

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