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Norway: Constitutionally guaranteed

Access to documents and information is regulated in two ways; in the Constitutional and in a specific law of freedom of information.

Article 100 in the Norwegian Constitution guarantees access to documents and to meetings (in Norwegian).

Article 110b guarantees access to environmental information (in Norwegian).


Law about Freedom of Information (Offentlighetsloven)

The freedom of information is regulated by Offentleglova the Freedom of Information Act .

One main regulation governs the administration of the freedom of information law, another regulation governs access to electronic files.


Detailed and upated overview

Norwegian media organisations have joined to provide a website with a thourough and updated overview over legislation, case law and news. See the overview over all transparency legislation, including among others the law to access on environmental information, the law on access to information in the parliament and the obligation to keep official journals (in Norwegian only).




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