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UK: British government in close contact with large tele-companies

The European Union tried to support consumers by capping the maximum roaming costs for using mobile phones. However the British government had a close contact with large tele-companies. The information was revealed through wob-requests and published in articles by journalist Dominic Kennedy at The Times.

The Times can detail how the Department for Trade and Industry, led by Alistair Darling, now Chancellor, let itself become a branch of the mobile lobbying industry. Under the Freedom of Information Act, the DTI (now the Department for Business) has released emails and minutes of contacts between officials and phone giants.

Read the articles in The Times: Labour ‘conspired with phone companies to keep prices high’ and Official gave a running commentary on talks.

Dominic Kennedy was so kind to share his experience with wobbing.eu, se how he did it.

Brigitte Alfter



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