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UK: Many out there to help you

There are detailed guidelines by the Information Commissioner out there and lots of good pieces of advice from experienced journalists.

Britain: Public wobbing by MySpace

MySpace and Heather Brook of Your Right to Know provide an online option for filing first wob-requests at WhatDoTheyKnow.com. Here you'll find a long list of authorities, that can be wobbed, and you can see a series of examples from others, who have tried to get access to information. Journalists should remember, that all requests are visible immediately, so that they will not necessarily have a solo story.

Britain: Guidelines on wobbing by experts at the Guardian newspaper

The Guardian, a highly respected newspaper renowned for it's investigative stories, provides guidelines on how to use the British wob, including a sample letter, guidelines on access to environmental data aswell as to personal data. The colleagues at the Guardian are highly experienced and present their wob-stories here.

Britain: Handbook on how to do it by Friends of the Earth

In Britain, the environmental organisation Friends of the Earth  provides an overviewand a handbook on how to apply the freedom of information legislation and the law on access to environmental information.

Britain: The Government's take on it

British Ministry of Justice has a website on the FOI and provides some guidance on how to use it.

The British Ministry of Agriculture provides a website on how to access environemental information.

Britain: Tactical tips from HelpMeInvestigate

A long list of tactical and practical tips on wobbing inBritain provided by James Ball at Help Me Investigate.

Britain: Request Initiative

Request Initiative makes requests for information using transparency legislation on behalf of charities, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and non-profits acting in the public interest.

Britain: commercial FOI help

Freedom of Information Ltd helps companies and others who want to take advantage of the FoI Act, or require more general research services.


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