Wobbing.eu as a better tool


Wobbing.eu as a better tool

Wobbing Europe

A few words from the editors
Welcome to the new website of Wobbing.eu. Not familiar with what we are talking about?
We're talking about legal access to information.
Some call that transparency.
To many it's known as freedom of information.
We call it wobbing, a word derived from the dutch/flemish WOB (Wet Obenbaarheid van Bestuur – Law on openness of the administration).
We believe that ”to wob”, ”wobbing” and ”wobbed out news” are some handy expressions (besides they are also a tribute to our Flemish parent organisation, the Fonds Pascal Decroos).

This is a website for journalists and others, who use freedom of information laws to obtain information.
We like to see it as a news site, but also as a tool and a meeting place for all interested.
We hope you will visit us to catch up, to learn, to practice – and to help us improve!
Over time the website will grow as content will be gathered and categorised.


Our aims are the same as with the first website with the same name:
1. We like to inspire and support journalists to use their right to freedom of information as a journalistic tool.
2. We will build a network through out Europe where journalists can meet and exchange experience and tactics on using freedom of information legislation.
3. We will watch developments in the field in order to further strong legislation useful for fact based journalism.


We provide specialised news
Wobbed out news: Stories of interest, where an freedom of information act was used to obtain important information; we say a story was ”wobbed out”.
Legal news: Key wob-successes, court-decisions, legal changes and other news about the legal side of wobbing in European countries, in the EU, and in other intergovernmental or supranational organisations.

We provide three types of feeds
Wobbing.eu recommends: Links that are of direct use for active wobbers with a particular focus on Europe. Visit also our Delicious archive of articles for inspiration.

FOI community: Here we gather links that are of indirect use for active wobbers in Europe. Visit also our Delicious archive of external articles.

Tweets : Twitter comments by journalists and others, who use FOI legislation regularly. Do let us know, if you want to contribute.


Use wobbing.eu as a tool

Get documents per country
For each country Wobbing.eu provides as a minimum the link to the law.
As step-by-step instructions and articles are added instruction on how to use the national wob, case-law and other information will appear.


Documents from international bodies
For international bodies Wobbing.eu provides as a minimum the link to the law or regulation of this body. As articles are added instruction on how to use the particular wob, case-law and other information will appear.


Learn about methods
While the step-by-step instructions on how to use a certain wob varies highly from country to country, thetactics of wobbing are the same. Under method tactical considerations and examples of them will be onlined gradually.

Users of the wobs have to deal with exemptions from the laws on freedom of information as well as obstructions like time delay. Under obstacles you can search examples of the various obstacles, compare between countries or find all for one particular country.

Many journalistic stories go across borders – and wobbing together with other journalists makes sense. Also stories may have relevance all over Europe due to common legislation. Here we gather examples of common Wob efforts by subject. Be inspired and join the wobbing-crowd.

Networking options
Wobbing.eu believes that journalists in various EU countries can help each other on questions of method, while they may be competitors on content. We thus provide tools for cooperation in the form of specialized multi-direction mailinglists and social networking fora. Go to our networking section to see more.

All in all, we will like to serve you with relevant news, tips and tools.
You can improve the website by indicating interesting stories, good links and relevant updates to us.
Hoping to hear from you who take an interest in these issues, visit us at www.wobbing.eu


Best regards and let's keep wobbing!

Brigitte Alfter & Staffan Dahllöf



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