European Union: Now we are told – eleven years later

German chancellor Schröder with Commission president Prodi
13/05/2014 -

German chancellor Gerhard Schröder asked EU-Commission to help build an airport runway in an environmental protected area outside Hamburg.


European Union: Council obstructs ruling on transparency

Reactions redacted
07/02/2014 -

The Council of the EU has classified its own reaction to a landmark ruling on transparency by the EU-court in Luxembourg. The Court said citizens have a right to know.


European Union: Revised access rule to be kept in the freezer

P.Nikiforos Diamandouros,,Ombudsman for ten years and commissioner Maroš Šefč
10/10/2013 -

There will be no change of the present EU-rules on access to documents under the present Commission and Parliament.


European Union: News agency picks a fight about ECB-secrets

The Governing Council of the ECB
18/01/2013 -

Documents showing how Greece hid the size of its public debt for years, and a possible dubious role of the European Central Bank might still be disclosed to the public.


European Union: Business gets papers – NGO does not

EU and India in secretive trade talks
09/01/2013 -

Internal EU-documents about trade with India were handed out to business lobbyist while a lobbyist watchdog was denied access.



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