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Spain: Asked for documents got a bill instead

Corruption in Spain
30/11/2012 -

Question: What have Spain done to fight corruption?
Answer: The government doesn't have to tell. Please pay €3000 for bringing the case to court.



Council of Europe: With a little help from a site

WhatDoTheyKnow helps out
16/05/2012 -

Websites transmitting requests and providing information from official authorities have mushroomed during the last couple of years. The results range from a good start to success.


USA more open on CIA-flights than its allies

The report from Access-Info and Reprieve
20/12/2011 -

US-authorities prove to be much more open about the controversial rendition flights run by the CIA than their European counterparts.


European Union: EU: Governments battle for the right to block out citizens

The Councils headquarter in Bruxelles
28/09/2011 -

Member states of the EU ask the Court in Luxembourg for help to hide their positions from the citizens, even after the positions have been leaked and known.


European Union: EU: Governments resist to reveal positions

Council of ministers
25/05/2011 -

EU member states do not take yes for an answer. A fresh pro-transparency court ruling is repeatedly challenged by the Council of ministers.