data protection


European Union: Historic initiative by journalists taking the Parliament to court

European Parliament taken to court by reporters
20/11/2015 -

Journalists from all over Europe have asked the EU-court to rule on the hidden records of parliamentarians' allowances.


European Union: Step forward for transparency in privacy rules

Privacy regulating the net
07/06/2013 -

Access to documents and freedom for social media might get legal protection in new data privacy rules after all. But lawmakers still have a long way to go.


European Union: Battle of data control turned into a copy-paste war

Data protection regulation
09/03/2013 -

Politicians table amendments from industry as their own suggestions. Defenders of new data rules use the same copy-past technique.


European Union: New data rules will collide with fundamental rights, Commission admits

Commissioner Viviane Reding
26/01/2013 -

Suggested new EU rules for data protection might not only ban blogs, Facebook updates, and tweets. Authorities will have to redact official archives by deleting names in documents.


European Union: A victory for Greek media, a crucial question to the Commission

Greek magazine Hot Doc
06/11/2012 -

The conflict between the right to information and protection of privacy sharpens. Greek journalist wins important court case on files of alleged tax evaders.