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European Union: Historic initiative by journalists taking the Parliament to court

European Parliament taken to court by reporters
20/11/2015 -

Journalists from all over Europe have asked the EU-court to rule on the hidden records of parliamentarians' allowances.


European Union: Study on information rights suggests more EU-legislation (+ competition for the readers)

A study for the European Parliament
06/08/2012 -

Looking for an extensive study on how citizens in the EU are informed by their national media? You can start downloading now.


European Union: OPINION Time for the Parliament to act

MEP Anneli Jäätteenmäki
03/07/2012 -

The Danish presidency lacked political will. The Commission wouldn't compromise.


European Union: ”Cannot be accepted”, says commissioner after EU-transparency vote

Maroš Šefčovič
15/12/2011 -

A clear, if not overwhelming, majority in the European Parliament has voted against proposed deteriorations of the present access law in the EU.


European Union: EU: Sharpened conflicts on new access rules (UPDATED)

Michael Cashman goes to plenary with amendments
01/12/2011 -

The European Parliament sharpens its resistance to new access rules in the EU, as proposed by the Commission.