Freedom of Information Act


Denmark: Government to hide behind lowered curtain

Morten Bødskov, minster of justice
12/10/2012 -

Danish politicians are on the verge to create an access free zone for themselves. Proposal for a new law on freedom of information draws criticism.



Geeks and campaigners comming closer

ENIAC  Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer
16/09/2012 -

Small signs are signaling the emergence of more cooperation between two transparency communities – one focused on open data, the other on access to information – whose relations


Sweden: Secret James Bond-party disclosed by request

Police party
10/09/2012 -

Swedish security service throw a secret James Bond-party for their employees. The costs: 625 000 Euro (5,3 million Swedish kronor). How come we know?


Denmark: Cross border access gets prestigious award

Minister toppled by Danish daily
05/01/2012 -

Wobbing, or request for access, in a neighbouring country helped award winning Danish journalist topple minister.


Global test shows weak adherence to information laws

Prisoners at Guantanamo fall outside the scope of convicted
18/11/2011 -

105 countries were asked. Only 14 of them came up with useful answers in time.