European Union: EU: Nordic trio put farm-data in the open - in spite of court decision

CAP-reform to come, lots of money at stake
26/02/2011 -

Denmark will tell who gets what farmsubsidies from the EU – to all those who ask. Finland and Sweden have taken the same approach.


European Union: EU: Secret report released in member state

18/02/2011 -

As EU-leaders discuss pension reforms, EU-citizens are not supposed to see the arguments.


European Union: Court ruling does not stop disclosure on farm subsidies

European Court of Justice
13/12/2010 -

Swedish authorities will continue to release data on EU farm subsidies in spite of the ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to ban such disclosure on the Internet.


European Union: EU: Swedish government announces fight against rolling back of EU-wob

20/05/2008 -

Sweden has criticised recent commission proposals to overhaul the rules on providing public access to documents, saying they represent a step backwards. 



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