European Union: Semi-transparency on TTIP as Brussels hide behind Washington

Two continents one market?
28/01/2015 -

Some more light is shed on negotiations for a EU-US trade and investment agreement. Good, but not good enough the EU-Ombudsman says.


European Union: ”Diluted wine and poison” – widened conflict on access rules

15/03/2012 -

Member states meeting in a working group held on to a restrictive approach to transparency on EU-documents at their latest gathering.


European Union: EU: Sharpened conflicts on new access rules (UPDATED)

Michael Cashman goes to plenary with amendments
01/12/2011 -

The European Parliament sharpens its resistance to new access rules in the EU, as proposed by the Commission.


European Union: More transparency for some, less for others

European Parliament, Brussels
14/10/2011 -

EU-parliamentarians ask for more transparency for themselves, but less so for ordinary citizens. This adds complexity to an already complicated issue.


Hungary: Hungary: Government to get tighter control of information

The Parliament in Budapest
30/06/2011 -

Civil rights organisation fears less transparency, more surveillance and a harder political pressure due to a new law.